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Suncrest WV

Nestled in Morgantown, WV, Suncrest is a small town with plenty of charm and beauty. With its close-knit community and picturesque landscape, it’s no wonder so many people are drawn to this special place. From the breathtaking views of Cheat River to the laid-back atmosphere at local eateries, Suncrest has something for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this unique mountain town so special.

Paragraph Two: Suncrest is filled with friendly faces and warm welcomes — perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities, from hiking around Coopers Rock State Park or fishing on Cheat Lake to exploring Morgantown’s historic downtown district. And after a long day of adventure, there’s nothing better than grabbing some grub from one of Suncrest’s beloved restaurants like Old Skool Café or The Iron Horse Bar & Grill.

Paragraph Three: Of course, no visit to Suncrest would be complete without stopping by one of the area’s well-known attractions like Gladesville Bridge or Blackwater Falls State Park. Whether you want to take in the stunning views while canoeing down the river or just relax on your porch with a good book, there’s something here for everyone. So come explore all that Suncrest WV has to offer — you won’t be disappointed!

History Of Suncrest

Suncrest, West Virginia is a place unlike any other. Rich in history, charm and culture, this small town has been around for centuries. It was first settled by pioneers in the 1700s who were drawn to the area’s lush landscape and abundance of natural resources. As they built their homes and raised their families, Suncrest blossomed into a vibrant community with plenty of opportunities for growth and commerce.

Today, Suncrest still retains much of its original spirit. Its streets are lined with gorgeous Victorian-style homes that have been lovingly preserved from the past. The town also boasts a thriving business district full of boutiques, cafes and galleries that showcase local artisans’ works. Whether you’re looking for a quiet weekend getaway or an exciting new adventure, Suncrest has something to offer everyone!

Attractions And Amenities

Suncrest WV is an ideal destination for a family getaway. With its beautiful mountain views, calming atmosphere and variety of amenities, this small town offers plenty of things to do and see! From its numerous parks and trails to the local shops, Suncrest provides visitors with a variety of attractions to choose from.

For those looking for outdoor activities, there are several parks in the area offering hiking trails, playgrounds and picnic areas. There are also tennis courts, baseball fields and a golf course within the town limits. Visitors can also enjoy camping at one of the nearby campgrounds or take advantage of fishing opportunities at either Summit Lake State Park or Monongahela National Forest. For those seeking indoor entertainment, downtown Suncrest offers many unique shops and boutiques as well as some great restaurants. Whether it’s shopping or dining out, there’s something for everyone in Suncrest WV!

Local Events

Is it true that Suncrest, West Virginia is a hot spot for amazing local events? It sure is! From the annual Suncrest Festival to weekly concerts in the park, there’s something happening throughout the year.

The Suncrest Festival is a community-wide event that takes place each year on the first Saturday of June. It includes live music, food vendors, and fun activities like face painting and carnival rides. Attendees from all over the area come out to enjoy the festivities. The festival also features art competitions, a 5K run/walk, and other special attractions.

No matter what time of year you visit Suncrest, you’re sure to find something fun going on! In addition to the festival, one can find outdoor concerts in nearby parks every Sunday during the summer months. With so much going on, there’s no excuse not to get out and explore all that this town has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Average Cost Of Housing In Suncrest?

When considering the cost of housing, it’s important to remember that prices vary depending on location. In this case, we’ll look at the average cost of housing in Suncrest WV. Suncrest is a small town located in Monongalia County, in northern West Virginia.

Housing costs can be affected by several factors such as availability of housing, economic growth and local taxes. The median home price in Suncrest is around $195,000 according to Zillow. That’s lower than the national median home price of $219,700 and higher than the West Virginia median home price of $143,400.

It’s also important to consider other costs like property taxes and insurance when evaluating the cost of owning a home or renting an apartment or house in Suncrest. When all these factors are taken into account, residents can expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 per month for housing in Suncrest WV.

How Is The School System In Suncrest?

When it comes to education, a community’s school system can make or break the decision of whether to settle down and raise a family. Suncrest is no exception. For those looking for an ideal spot to lay down roots, this West Virginia city has much to offer in terms of educational opportunities. Here’s a look at the school system in Suncrest:

  • Quality teachers
  • Rigorous academics
  • Safe learning environment
  • Supportive community

The quality of the teaching staff in Suncrest is one of the most outstanding features of its school system. With experienced and certified instructors, students receive the best instruction available. Academic standards are also held to a high degree, as educators strive for excellence when it comes to providing their pupils with a top-notch education.

Safety is also taken seriously in Suncrest schools, with strict guidelines and protocols in place for parents and students alike. Not only does this ensure that children are protected from harm while attending classes or extracurricular activities, but it helps create an atmosphere conducive to learning by allowing students to focus on their studies without fear or worry. Additionally, the overall supportive nature of the community contributes significantly to both student success and general wellbeing.

Suncrest provides an excellent learning environment for all its citizens, making it an ideal place for families looking for an enriching educational experience. From its competent teaching staff to its commitment to safety and supportiveness, there is something here that can appeal to everyone looking for educational excellence regardless of age or background.

Are There Any Job Opportunities In Suncrest?

When it comes to job opportunities, the outlook is promising. Suncrest is home to many different businesses, from small local stores to larger corporations. This means that there are a variety of positions available for those looking for employment. There are also plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to start their own business in Suncrest.

The local job market also offers a wide range of options, from entry-level positions to more specialized roles. Whether you’re looking for a full-time job or something part-time, Suncrest has something that suits everyone’s needs. Furthermore, the city’s strong economy and growing population make it an attractive place to live and work. With the right attitude and dedication, anyone can find success in Suncrest’s job market.

How Safe Is Suncrest?

Safety is a major concern for potential residents of any city. Suncrest, West Virginia is no exception. How safe is this small town? Thankfully, it appears that Suncrest is a relatively safe place to live and work.

Crime rates in the area are low and many people report feeling secure in their home and neighborhood. The local police force works hard to ensure the safety of all citizens by patrolling the area and responding quickly to any disturbances or reports of criminal activity. Additionally, there are several community organizations that focus on crime prevention and watch out for any suspicious activities.

Overall, Suncrest appears to be quite safe for residents both day and night alike. With its low crime rate and vigilant police presence, this small town provides a peaceful atmosphere for living and working.

Are There Any Public Transportation Options In Suncrest?

When it comes to public transportation, many people are curious about what options are available. Are there any public transportation options in Suncrest? The answer is yes! There are a variety of ways to get around the area without having to drive yourself.

For starters, there is a bus system that runs through Monongalia County. This covers most of the major cities in the county and allows for easy access around the area. Additionally, Uber and Lyft both have services in Suncrest, offering an affordable and convenient way to get around town. There are also plenty of taxi services available throughout the area as well.

Overall, there is no shortage of public transportation options in Suncrest. Whether you’re looking for a bus, Uber, Lyft or taxi service – you can find what you need here without too much trouble. So if you’re looking for a way to get around town without relying on your own vehicle, know that there are plenty of great options to choose from!


Suncrest, West Virginia is a great place to call home. With its affordable housing options, excellent school system and plenty of job opportunities, it’s the perfect place to settle down and start a family. The town is safe and secure, allowing you to rest easy at night knowing your family is safe. The public transportation options make getting around town easy and convenient. It’s like putting the pieces of a puzzle together – each piece fits perfectly in its spot and completes the whole picture.

In conclusion, Suncrest is an ideal town for anyone looking for a new start or an upgrade from their current living situation. You get all the benefits of small-town life without sacrificing any of the modern amenities that make life easier. It’s truly a special place that I’m proud to call home.

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