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A Morgantown hail damage lawyer from Desai Law can help you pursue fair compensation. If your home or other property has been damaged by hail, you can have legal representation for your insurance claim. Call (304) 974-1974 or message us to discuss your case and begin.

Lawyer for Morgantown Hail Damage

Desai Law is a Morgantown, WV law firm representing people who have sustained hail damage to their real or personal property. We assist clients in the insurance claim process. Our team also aggressively represents people who are fighting a wrongful denial or need assistance getting the full compensation they deserve.

Do I Need a Hail Damage Lawyer?

You may need a hail damage lawyer if:

  • You don’t know how to file a hail damage claim
  • The insurance company is delaying your claim, or they’re not responding at all
  • A settlement offer is too low, or you need help evaluating an offer
  • Documenting damage is challenging
  • Insurance coverage is unclear or confusing
  • The insurance company is challenging whether a hail event occurred or whether it caused the damage, or they’re saying the damage isn’t severe
  • Your claim has been unfairly denied
  • You have questions about your case and what to do next
  • It’s time to take legal action to get justice

Too often, insurance companies don’t fairly pay claims. Even when your insurance should cover hail damage, the insurance company may try to maximize their profits at your expense. You don’t have to give up or settle for less than you deserve. The Desai Law Morgantown hail damage lawyers are an experienced legal team, proud to represent insured parties to take on the insurance companies.

If you have suffered hail damage, here is what our lawyers want you to know:

  • Most homeowner insurance policies in West Virginia cover hail damage. Even basic homeowner policies typically cover it. Our law firm can evaluate your coverage.
  • In addition to your home, insurance may cover hail damage to your garage, porch, outbuildings, outdoor furniture and other items on your property.
  • Secondary problems like water and moisture damage may also be covered.
  • If hail has damaged a vehicle, comprehensive coverage may apply.
  • Your insurance coverage probably has a deductible. It’s an initial amount of the losses that you cover on your own before your insurance kicks in.
  • Getting fair compensation for hail damage isn’t always easy – but our lawyers can help.

Our lawyers can represent you to file your claim, manage the claims process and negotiate your settlement. We can also assist you if it’s necessary to take legal action to achieve justice.

Your rights if you have suffered hail damage

When hail damages your home or other property, you have the right to have your insurance claim paid in a reasonable amount of time. You have the right to have the insurance company approach your claim in good faith.

West Virginia recognizes bad faith insurance law. If the insurance company refuses to pay a claim fairly, and in a timely manner, the insured may seek damages. (See West Virginia Code § 33-11-3 et seq. prohibiting deceptive trade practices, and Hayseeds, Inc. v. State Farm Fire & Cas., 352 S.E.2d 73 (W. Va. 1986).)

Hail Damage

NOAA recorded 4,436 hail events in the United States last year. West Virginia ranks 28th in the United States for the number of hail storms. State Farm reports paying $3.5 billion in hail-related claims in 2022. 82% of these claims were through homeowner policies.

What is hail?

Hail is frozen moisture that falls from the atmosphere to earth. When water droplets freeze in the atmosphere, they form a mass. When the mass becomes solid precipitation, it is hail.

How does hail occur?

Hail often occurs when an updraft in a storm pushes moisture higher in the atmosphere to cooler temperatures. At lower temperatures, water droplets freeze. As the weight of the droplets increases, or as winds change, the atmosphere no longer supports the frozen water, and the droplets fall to earth as hail.

Small hail stones travel up to 25 miles per hour. Hail that is two or more inches in diameter may travel as fast as 44 miles per hour. Hail may strike in an area that is only a few acres wide, but it can reach up to a 10-mile wide radius.

Horizontal winds can cause hail to reach the ground at an angled direction, which can lead to broken windows and additional damage.

How can hail damage a home?

Hail may damage a home by causing harm to:

  • Roof, shingles, paneling
  • Siding
  • Windows
  • Outdoor sheds, patio furniture, equipment and machines
  • Porch, deck
  • Trees
  • Ceilings, walls, carpets, floors and furniture in the form, usually from secondary water damage
  • Electrical wiring and other systems in the home

How can hail damage a car?

Hail can damage a car with dents and scratches. When hail lands from an angle, it can break windows and mirrors.

Experienced Lawyers, Fighting for Our Clients

At Desai Law, fighting for clients who are facing challenges is what we do. Representing clients in Morgantown, WV and the surrounding regions, we are experienced in handling insurance claims.

Our law firm knows that you need fair compensation for your financial and personal well-being. We thoroughly investigate and build your case, tailoring our representation to your needs.

Lawyers for crop-hail representation

Desai Law handles crop-hail insurance claims. If you are a farmer that has sustained damage to crops because of hail, our law firm may assist you. Contact us to learn more about our legal services.

Free Consultation – Talk to a Lawyer

At Desai Law, we’re fierce advocates for what we believe in. We believe that you should get fair compensation when you have an insurance policy.

Desai Law offers free consultations to anyone who has suffered hail damage. If you have questions about your situation, or if you’re ready for legal help, you can talk to a Morgantown hail damage lawyer. Call (304) 974-1974 or message us to talk about your case.

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