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Even the friendliest dog can exhibit unpredictable behavior. Pet owners are responsible for maintaining control of their dogs when the dog is around others. A dog can suddenly bite someone for a variety of reasons. Such an incident can leave victims with physical and emotional scars, along with significant financial stress.

If you suffered a severe dog bite due to a negligent pet owner, you may want to contact a dog bite lawyer at Desai Law as soon as possible.

Why Dogs Bite

How a dog responds to someone, familiar or new, can forever affect your life.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, dogs bite for the following reasons:

  • Fear: Something or someone startles the dog, or the dog or the dog reacts out of fear.
  • Sickness: The dog is sick or injured.
  • Protection: A dog may bite someone to protect a toy, puppies, or owner or defend their territory.
  • Play: A nip during play may escalate into a severe bite that changes your life.

In sum, however, most dogs bite because of owner negligence—a failure to properly supervise their dogs around vulnerable people.

Friends or family that invite you to their property have a responsibility to keep you safe from harm—including dangerous dogs. Unfortunately, even the cutest and typically friendly dog can react to you for one of the reasons listed above.

Some dog bites occur in situations involving unfamiliar dogs and children. The effects of a dog bite on a child can result in post-traumatic stress disorder, resulting in nightmares, anxiety, and a fear of animals.

Pet owners must maintain control of their dogs when inviting others onto their property or encountering others in public. If you or your child suffered severe harm due to a tragic dog bite, a lawyer can help you pursue compensation.

Your Dog Bite Injuries

Dog Bite Lawyer

Dogs with strong jaws and bites can damage muscles, tendons, nerves, and more. The small height of children places them in a direct path of a dog’s face. Many children experience facial and neck injuries when a dog bite occurs.

One of the most severe outcomes of a dog bite is infection.

The Mayo Clinic reports show that rabies exhibits signs similar to the flu, such as:

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Vomiting

You must seek immediate medical attention following a dog bite. If possible, inquire about a dog’s vaccination record. If such information is not available, your doctor can determine how to move forward with your care.

For children, permanent facial scarring is a real possibility. Plastic surgery, along with therapy for their emotional and psychological needs, can generally help children as they recover.

No child or adult should experience painful and costly injuries due to an uncontrolled dog. If you or your child suffered harm due to an aggressive or otherwise dangerous dog, consider seeking help from a lawyer today.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

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Free case consultation is an essential first step in the civil process. By discussing your case with someone representing a law firm, you can learn more about your options for moving forward.

A dog bite lawyer generally starts a civil case by negotiating with an insurance company for a fair settlement. While your case may proceed to trial, most personal injury claims settle without going to court.

An insurance adjuster may want to settle with you before you have an opportunity to contact a lawyer. If you feel pressured to accept a settlement, do not accept it but rather contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Protecting your best interests—or the best interests of your child —is paramount for future medical needs. Settling for less than you deserve now can negatively affect you later, should your medical condition worsen.

Take swift action about your dog bite injuries. The damages that resulted due to pet owner negligence are not fair. The sooner you reach out to a dog bite lawyer, the faster they can get to work for you.

Why You Need a Dog Bite Lawyer

Time can pass in a blur as you deal with your injuries or those of your child. To build the best case possible, you must contact a dog bite lawyer without delay.

The statute of limitations allows two years for personal injury lawsuits. Filing your lawsuit within the required timeframe is necessary for protecting your right to take your case to trial. Failure to file your case promptly can result in your forfeiting your chance for possible compensation.

Dogs are a part of the family for most pet owners. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict their actions when a dog becomes startled, ill, injured, or overly playful. A dog bite only takes a second to occur and generally leaves a victim with no chance of avoiding severe injury.

The wounds from a dog bite can impact a victim’s life forever. In addition to medical costs, your damages may include missed time from work, an inability to return to work, and mental anguish.

A dog bite lawyer can manage the details of your case as you or your child recovers. Personal injury lawyers understand how traumatic a dog bite is for their clients and treat clients with care and compassion.

Get Your Free Case Consultation From Desai Law

A free case consultation leaves you nothing to lose. Discussing your case with someone knowledgeable about civil law can ease your mind and help you move forward with a possible claim and lawsuit.

If you or your child suffered a severe dog bite, take the critical first step and get your free case consultation with a dog bite lawyer at Desai Law now by calling (304) 974-1974.

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