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Although flying is one of the safest forms of transportation, accidents nearly always have tragic consequences and even make international news. A little mistake might have catastrophic consequences while flying at elevated rates with volatile substances aboard miles up in the air.

It’s crucial to consult with an experienced airplane accident lawyer if you’ve been injured in a commercial aviation crash so they can assist you to understand what happened as well as who is responsible for your damages. As human error is frequently a contributing element in aircraft accidents, it is crucial to penalize those liable.

They may examine the specifics of your situation and offer you the finest guidance on how to pursue the complete financial restitution you require. They’ll similarly provide you with legal counsel, assist you in dealing with the insurance providers, and generally make the legal procedure less overwhelming.

As you read on, you’ll learn more about airlines in general and the common causes of catastrophes that occur within the industry as well as more information on the significance of hiring lawyers that specialize in aviation accident claims and where you can find one.

Understanding Airline Accidents

An aircraft accident is any event connected to the operation of an aircraft that occurs between the time someone enters the airplane with the intent to take off and the duration everyone has departed, and in which someone is killed, incurs severe injuries, or the aircraft sustains significant damage.

Here are a few of the most common causes of airline accidents that occur worldwide:

1. Mechanical Mistake:

Mechanical errors contribute to 20% of all catastrophes and are the second most common reason for airline mishaps. Mechanical mistakes might be the result of a defect in the aircraft’s layout or improper installation as well as maintenance of a mechanical system. Mechanical breakdowns can also be brought on by external factors like birds gliding into aircraft engines.

2. Pilot Mistakes:

Airline accidents are most frequently caused by human errors, accounting for almost 60-80% of airline-related accidents according to the Federal Aviation Administration. Although aircraft producers can employ technology to eliminate as many dangers as they can from flying, a successful landing and takeoff, handling technical issues, and navigating the aircraft through bad weather are solely up to the pilot to take charge of. A pilot is also responsible for ensuring adequate fuel supply, using the aircraft’s de-icing equipment maintaining the right speed and altitude while flying, among a variety of other roles. Every one of these duties might go horribly wrong if there is even the slightest mistake or delay in completing it effectively.

3. Air Traffic Control Officer’s Mistakes:

Aviation traffic controllers work in the most demanding environments imaginable. Officers are in charge of managing the movement of all air transport, ensuring that aircraft remain at a secure distance from one another, safely taking off, and landing. They frequently handle multiple airplanes simultaneously and must make several on-the-spot judgments on things like equipment, arrangement, weather, and traffic volumes. A deadly plane accident can result from any error or disregard for established air traffic control protocols.

4. Unfavorable Weather:

Inclement weather accounts for 23% of incidents. Weather may frequently be unforeseen, despite the fact that pilots and travel companies monitor it and steer clear of bad weather or stop flying in extremely bad weather. With their potential to burn gas tanks and pipelines or result in electrical malfunctions, lightning poses a particularly serious threat to aircraft. Heavy winds, violent storms, and dense fog that obstruct a pilot’s vision throughout landing or takeoff are several weather situations that can result in airline mishaps.

How many airline accidents happen each year?

The overall probability of death as a traveler in an airplane in the United States in 2021 was just too low to measure. Should you want to determine actual statistics, investigate trends in aviation accidents by U.S. air carrier category with the interactive graphic. Leading airlines had a catastrophic accident rate of 0.0 per 100,000 flight hours in 2021 with no onboard deaths. With 341 onboard deaths and a fatal accident incidence of 0.951 per 100,000 hours of flight time, general aviation stands in stark contrast.

Why Hire Aviation Accident Attorneys?

Plane crash lawyers have the skills necessary to handle complex situations, like an aviation accident case. Lawyers are always capable of identifying the responsible people and obtaining the most amount of compensation. The success of your case depends on choosing a law firm who has experience with cases much like yours. When choosing an attorney for an aircraft accident, inquire about their experience and credentials.

Airline accidents can be caused by a variety of factors, including mechanical failures, structural flaws, and electrical issues. It’s conceivable that bad weather and mechanical issues with an aircraft are related, or perhaps the pilot overlooked performing a necessary safety assessment. Also subject to negligence lawsuits are the owners of the plane and the maintenance company.

Airline incidents are particularly complex since they include a wide array of technical issues, as well as both local and global legislation. If you choose the wrong counsel, the outcomes might not be what you were hoping for. Contact a litigation team that includes airline industry professionals.

Private collision cases may involve any of the following parties as at-fault parties: the owners of the aircraft, the insurance, the manufacturer, and the pilot, if indeed the accident was caused by his negligence. Furthermore, air traffic controllers, airlines, and airplane manufacturers may all be held accountable in the instance of commercial trips.

While looking for a lawyer, bear in mind that you ought to never resolve a lawsuit without already speaking with an attorney who specializes in aircraft accidents. The top airplane accident attorneys are experienced in dealing with the complexity of aviation accidents and have handled countless cases. They are knowledgeable about the laws and guidelines governing the aviation sector. Since they have the knowledge to evaluate the case, you may very well have confidence that your needs and interests will be safeguarded.

However, can I handle an airline accident case on my own?

Yes, you can. However, an airplane crash might result in significant devastating losses that can be stressful and unmanageable for a victim given that your priority is to recover from your injuries. Regrettably, an insurance company could also attempt to minimize the worth of your claim to reduce the amount of your compensation. It is for this reason that it is essential that you go over your airplane incident claim with an expert lawyer prior to accepting a settlement. An aviation accident law firm will strive to get you the compensation that you need for both your economic losses and other damages.

Finding the Right Airline Accident Lawyer

In finding the key factors to consider when hiring an aircraft accident lawyer, you should be sure they have prior expertise with issues similar to yours before anything else. Also, you want someone with whom you can easily speak. Lastly, you would like to ensure that they have the tools required to handle your case. Nobody should endure hardship as a result of another individual’s incompetence.

All airline accident lawyers are not built the same way. Aircraft accidents can result in situations that are highly complicated, and the victims frequently already have a lot on the line. To find the best aviation lawyer for your claim, it is crucial to carefully research your prospects in your state. When hiring an aviation attorney, consider these five questions to help you feel secure in your selection.

  • What background do you have in aircraft legislation?

The attorney you hire must possess previous experience working with clients in your field of expertise. Inquire about the lawyer’s background in aviation law and the number of cases involving aircraft accidents they have handled.

  • Are you a member of any Trial Organization?

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to join a trial organization or similar industry-specific body. It is a strong sign that an aircraft lawyer has a high degree of expertise, talent, and exposure that will be beneficial to your claim if they are a member of a trial organization or association.

  • Which case types are your specialization?

The ideal attorney for your case would be one who specializes in anything related to it, like accidents involving helicopters or private planes. It will assure you that the attorney can manage the special and intricate concerns connected to your particular aircraft mishap.

  • Are you the one who will bring my case to court?

Request a meeting with the legal representative that will represent you. Such details should be freely provided by the legal company, and you ought to be able to get in touch with your aircraft lawyer whenever you need to during the duration of your lawsuit.

  • What strategy do you have in handling my case?

The attorney you choose must be prepared to provide you with a thorough response, outlining the resources, technology, expertise, and techniques the attorney intends to use to back up your claim. Your case’s success and your fate may much depend on the approach your lawyer takes.

Understanding how legal fees and other expenses work

Complainants often incur a contingent legal fee in cases involving personal injury and wrongful death. The client does not compensate the lawyer hourly under a contingency fee agreement. Instead, a predetermined portion of the money won in a case serves as the lawyer’s payment.

Depending on the specifics of the situation, that proportion may change. Moreover, granted a guarantee of repayment sans interest at the completion of the lawsuit, the legal firm you are dealing with will often cover all required out-of-pocket costs, sometimes before or even after the contingency fee is computed. Under a contingent fee agreement, the lawyers are not compensated if the case results in no financial settlement.

So, how do I find an airline accident lawyer?

It takes a lot of research, knowledge, and training to manage airline accidents since they are so intricate. The attorneys at Desai Law are well-resourced to help and work on your case to demand compensation and justice if a cherished individual was hurt or died in an airline catastrophe.

Call us at (304) 974-1974 for a free, private assessment, and let us know how we may be of assistance to you.

The Role of an Airline Accident Lawyer

There are various responsibilities that an airline accident lawyer handles. Here are a few key roles that these lawyers play:

  • Calculating the cost of your losses: An attorney for aviation accidents can assist with this process. They will take into consideration financial losses like medical expenses or lost pay. Yet, they will also take into account non-economic losses like distress and anguish. If somehow the insurance institution’s offer is too little, your lawyer will recognize it and adjust the negotiation correspondingly.
  • Identifying Liability: As was previously indicated, assigning blame may not always be simple. A plane accident might possibly involve several parties. A lawyer can assist in separating out the many entities that may bear fault. To ascertain the primary reason for the disaster, they will speak with professionals such as engineers, professionals, or airline officials.
  • Identifying the laws that apply: Different cities and regions have different regulations. Which state’s laws—those from the state of origin, the state of destinations, or the state of the accident—will be used in an aviation crash? What if the victim’s main home is in another state completely? To decide which laws apply and in which state a lawsuit should be filed, a lawyer will thoroughly examine all the relevant elements.
  • Meeting deadlines: Following an aviation accident, there are typically deadlines for filing claims. All filing timelines will be met with the assistance of an attorney.

What should you do if you were involved in an airline accident case?

Receiving medical attention is the initial thing you need to do following a crash involving a small plane, helicopter, or passenger plane. Regardless of whether other people describe the accident as “minimal,” you should get medical assistance right away so that you can record your damages. Together with your doctor’s treatment protocols and advice, you must also attend any follow-up visits and avoid engaging in any tasks that can exacerbate the damage.

You should consult with a lawyer experienced in handling aircraft disaster cases for your subsequent move. The statute of limitations is a timeframe each state establishes for bringing a personal injury claim. When this period has expired, victims could never again be able to get compensated for their damages.

Furthermore, the National Transportation Safety Board conducts investigations into each incident that happens in the United States (NTSB). They will also look at overseas mishaps affecting any American airline. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would become involved in the inquiry if FAA rules were violated. These complex procedures can be done with the help of an experienced attorney and can enable you to focus on your full recovery.

What to Expect During an Airline Accident Case

Depending upon the cause of the incident, there may be a variety of possibly liable (legally accountable) entities if you and your lawyer opt to file a lawsuit. Undoubtedly, an aircraft manufacturer and pilot might be held accountable. In some conditions, makers or service providers may also be implicated. Even the federal government could potentially bear liability for an aviation disaster under the Federal Tort Claims Act.

Airline accident cases for personal injury or wrongful death are often governed by the legal doctrines of negligence, product responsibility, or some mix of the two, even though the specifics of each incident are mostly unique. Federal regulations and statutes may also have an influence on a claim for personal injury or the level of care required of an aircraft accident victim since two federal agencies control air travel.

How long does it take to resolve an airline accident case?

Difficult investigations into aircraft crashes are common. Before definite findings on the origin of a plane accident can be made, it often requires several months. Sometimes a matter will be resolved soon after being filed, and in rare occasions already before. Finalizing a settlement often takes two years.

You shouldn’t have to devote much time dealing with it while your case is being investigated. The investigation, evidence collection, legal work, and litigation will all be handled by a competent airline lawyer. This same lawyer will require information from you prior to and occasionally throughout the litigation.

What should I expect during the litigation process?

An aviation disaster is an unforeseen and frequently disastrous occurrence. The sorts of help that you may require, as well as the quantity of financial, people, and other resources required, will depend on the magnitude and extent of your aircraft disaster. Tools and expertise are necessary for providing enough and sufficient help to victims such as yourself.

The entire litigation process is decided on a case-to-case basis however, getting an experienced attorney can alleviate all the unnecessary stressors that you may face if you decide to venture into resolving a settlement on your own. Examples of these are dealing with insurance, coordinating with the authorities, and ensuring that you adhere to the various policies that are involved in aircraft accidents.

Contact An Experienced Aviation Accident Lawyer

Chirag Desai

The fate of the airline case will depend on a number of factors. These concerns frequently include the potential defendants, the venue or hearing of your lawsuit, aircraft engineering, professional standards, and federal regulations and statutes.

It might be hard to determine how to even proceed if an aircraft tragedy has caused your injuries or even the loss of a beloved person. Getting in contact with a skilled aircraft accident lawyer in your area is an essential start.

There are various roles that these lawyers play in guiding you to receive a just settlement as they handle the legal process for you. Here at Desai Law, we conduct an in-depth assessment to establish the party at fault for your airplane mishap, assist you in selecting the best venue and effectively presenting your losses, and support you in navigating the legal system step-by-step.

Contact us online or call (304) 974-1974 to schedule a free case evaluation about getting the compensation you deserve.

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