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Get help from a Morgantown wind damage lawyer. Desai Law represents people in insurance claims following wind damage. For a free consultation, and to start your case, call (304) 974-1974 or message us now.

Lawyer for Wind Damage in Morgantown, WV

Most homeowners have insurance that covers wind damage. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to get the payment that you deserve when damage occurs. A lawyer for wind damage in Morgantown, WV can represent you in the claims process.

When you need an experienced lawyer, the Desai Law team is equipped to meet your needs. We are committed to helping people turn their tragedy into triumph. We handle cases in Morgantown, WV and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to learn more and begin.

Get Help from a Wind Damage Lawyer

Our team can assist you at any stage of your claim, including:

  • What to do immediately following wind damage
  • Reviewing your policy, coverage and what you may qualify to receive
  • Understanding different types of coverage that may apply, including additional living expense (ALE coverage)
  • Filing your claim
  • Documenting your losses and the amount you should receive under your policy
  • Responding to denials and the many ways insurance companies try to deny claims
  • How to respond if the insurance company delays your case
  • Taking legal action if the insurance company acts in bad faith

We understand the issues that property owners face in getting fair compensation for wind damage claims. Let us take care of all the details of your claim. If you’ve already faced a frustrating denial, we can help you fight back.

Is windstorm damage covered by insurance?

Windstorm damage is usually covered by homeowners insurance. Homeowners insurance covers a range of accidental losses, generally excluding wear and tear. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 48% of homeowners insurance claim payments in the United States are because of wind and hail.

How common are wind damage insurance claims?

According to the Insurance Information Institute, on average, in a one-year period, one in 35 homeowners files a claim relating to wind damage.

How can wind damage a home?

Here are some of the ways that homes suffer wind damage:

  • Roof damage, either from materials lifted from the roof or crushing from a tree or other flying objects
  • Gutters and downspouts that detach
  • Garage door, awning, porches and decks becoming unstable
  • Torn or damaged siding
  • Broken windows
  • Fallen trees, uprooted trees
  • Secondary damage if the home is exposed to moisture

Home damage may result from straight-line winds, gust fronts, derechos, microbursts and tornadoes. Atmospheric conditions can make the wind powerful. Wind damage often occurs along with other weather forces that cause harm.

Why do insurance companies deny wind damage claims?

Insurance companies have many tactics that they use to avoid paying claims. If you make a wind damage claim, you may find the insurance company trying to deny or minimize your compensation.

The insurance company may say:

  • Your policy lapsed.
  • It doesn’t cover wind damage.
  • A dangerous condition, like a damaged tree or a roof that needed repair, was allowed to exist, causing the damage.
  • The damage isn’t serious enough for insurance to pay.
  • Your claim is worth a lot less than you say it is.
  • Claims weren’t filed on time.
  • Damage existed before the storm, or there is no proof that there was a weather event.

Sometimes, the insurance company doesn’t say anything at all. Instead, they don’t respond, or they take a long time to respond. They may misrepresent the terms of your policy, hoping you’ll believe them and give up.

Desai Law helps you fight back. Lawyer Chirag Desai founded Desai Law to help people and families. With experienced legal services, tailored to your needs, he works to turn tragedy into triumph. Our law firm fights for the rights of individuals, families, non-profit organizations and businesses. We know what it takes to go up against the insurance companies, and we’re ready and willing to fight for you.

Here are some reasons to choose Desai Law when you need a Morgantown wind damage lawyer:

  • Representation can begin immediately following wind damage or at any stage in the case.
  • In addition to representing you in court and with the insurance company, we also advise you behind the scenes and guide you through the case.
  • Our representation style is aggressive. To succeed against the insurance companies, you need relentless representation. You can count on Desai Law to provide it.
  • Lawyer Chirag Desai understands the issues that are especially important in wind damage claims. We identify and pursue the important issues for each case.
  • Consultations are free. Get detailed, honest advice that is specific to your case. Let our team evaluate your situation and explain what you need to know.
  • We’re currently taking new cases, representing clients in Morgantown, WV and nearby areas.

Our law firm focuses on representing people and organizations who are going up against powerful insurance companies. You can have a knowledgeable, experienced and fierce advocate representing your interests. To meet our legal team and start today, please contact us.

We Represent Policyholders

If you have an insurance policy, you’ve paid your premiums. Now, the insurance company should pay when you have a claim. Getting your compensation is so important for your financial and personal future. We understand. We work to secure your compensation in an efficient manner, making insurance companies accountable for the promises they make to their policyholders.

Lawyers for Wind Damage Taking New Cases

Desai Law is taking new wind damage claims now. If you have suffered wind damage to your home or other property, we invite you to contact us to learn more and start your case. Time limits apply, so please contact us right away.

Free Consultation

For a free consultation with a Morgantown wind damage lawyer, call Desai Law at (304) 974-1974, or send us a message. There’s no obligation, and we are happy to answer questions about your case and how we may assist you. Contact us now.

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