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Sexual harassment has unfortunately been a reality in the workplace for years, but with the advent of the Me Too Movement, more victims are feeling emboldened to speak out and recognize that they have a community of supportive allies behind them.

At Desai Law, we’re part of that community and we want to fight for you and your legal rights to ensure harassers are held accountable. Our dedicated team of sexual harassment attorneys in Bridgeport, West Virginia has the experience and legal skills needed to stand up for you.

Read on to learn about sexual harassment types, damages that victims can recover, and everything our Bridgeport harassment attorneys can do for you.

Types of Issues Our Harassment Lawyers Cover

Sexual harassment is prohibited under both federal and state laws, and our sexual harassment workplace lawyers practice within West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. Different states have some slight variations in the law, but overall, harassment is broken into two types: quid pro quo sexual harassment and hostile workplace sexual harassment.

    • Quid pro quo sexual harassment – This form of harassment comes from the Latin phrase meaning “something for something,” and is defined as when someone in a supervisory role requests an inappropriate favor in exchange for preferential treatment or refraining from negative treatment. Both subtle and overt examples can take place, with victims’ employment or workplace situation being affected by demands for things such as revealing attire, explicit photographs, or sexual contact.


  • Hostile workplace sexual harassment – This form of harassment arises from the unwelcomed conduct of coworkers, customers, contractors, supervisors, or other people found at a workplace. It can entail unwanted discussions of sexual topics, crude sexual jokes, the sharing of sexual photographs, unwanted touching, inappropriate gestures, and unwanted comments about a person’s body.

Victims in these scenarios have rights under the law, and skilled sexual harassment workplace attorneys, like those at Desai Law, can fight for your rights, whether you are currently employed at the institution or you have received a retaliatory discharge for refusing advances.

Damages Our Bridgeport Sexual Harassment Attorneys Could Seek on Your Behalf

If you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you can seek out damages under the law, with various options available to you. Potential damages can include the following:

    • General damages – These damages are awarded to compensate for emotional harm such as mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, embarrassment, fright, pain and suffering, and other aspects.


    • Punitive damages – These damages are used to punish a perpetrator of sexual harassment and deter others from following suit. Standards for punitive damages vary by jurisdiction, and are often only awarded in very egregious cases featuring malice or reckless disregard for another’s rights.


    • Special damages – These damages constitute quantifiable, out-of-pocket losses and can include a range of possible sources. Examples include therapy bills, “back pay” for lost wages, “front pay” for lost future wages, and medical expenses.


    • Attorneys’ fees – Federal law and most applicable state anti-discrimination statutes provide for an award of reasonable attorneys’ fees and case expenses if you prevail.


These damages will vary case by case, so it is essential to partner with attorneys who can assess the law and the details of your case, and provide insights on settlement options, the risks of going to court, and other factors.

For more details on damages, caps, legal precedents, and more, visit our in-depth sexual harassment page.

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