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Don Knotts Statue

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a decade since the passing of one of America’s greatest comedians, Don Knotts. But what better way to remember him than with his very own statue? The Don Knotts Statue is a tribute to the late actor and comedian, created in the heart of Morgantown. It stands tall as an expression of the love and admiration felt for this beloved star by his fans all around the world.

The Don Knotts Statue was unveiled in 2007, four years after his passing. It stands 7 feet tall and is made out of bronze. The statue features Don Knotts in one of his most iconic roles: Barney Fife from “The Andy Griffith Show.” In true Barney Fife fashion, he is leaning on a picket fence with a single bullet; ready to burst into action at any moment!

The unveiling ceremony for the Don Knotts Statue was attended by many members of the community and celebrities alike. His family were also present and expressed their gratitude for everyone who had come together to make this great tribute possible. This statue will forever serve as a reminder of the laughter and joy that Don Knotts brought into people’s lives, preserving his memory for generations to come.

Biography Of Don Knotts

Don Knotts was an iconic American actor, comedian and writer. He was born on July 21, 1924 in Morgantown, West Virginia. Growing up, he attended West Virginia University where he studied acting and writing. After college, Knotts joined the U.S. Army and served for two years during World War II. During his time in the Army he began to hone his comedic skills by performing skits for his fellow soldiers.

Knotts began his professional entertainment career after leaving the Army when he joined a touring theater production of “No Time For Sergeants”. He then went on to appear on numerous television shows such as “The Steve Allen Show” and “The Ed Sullivan Show”. However, it wasn’t until 1955 that Knotts catapulted to fame with his performance as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith Show. His portrayal of Fife earned him five Emmy Awards and made him a household name throughout America.

Significance Of The Statue

The significance of the Don Knotts Statue is immense. Located in Morgantown, West Virginia, the statue stands as a reminder to visitors and locals alike about his legacy as an acclaimed actor and comedian. The statue was created by sculptor Ron Pekar and was dedicated on August 15th, 2004. It is a monument to one of Morgantown’s most beloved sons, who made his mark in Hollywood before returning home to live out his retirement years.

The statue’s impact extends beyond the local community. Many tourists visit Morgantown specifically to pay their respects to this beloved figure. The statue has become an important part of popular culture and has been referenced in several films and television shows since its dedication. Its presence serves as a reminder that even though Don Knotts passed away in 2006, he will never be forgotten; his spirit lives on through the statue that honors him.

Location And Details

The Don Knotts Statue is located in Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, California. It was dedicated on August 18, 2006 and stands 8 feet tall and weighs 900 pounds. The statue is made of bronze and depicts Don Knotts as his most famous character, Sheriff Andy Taylor from the 1960’s television show, The Andy Griffith Show. The statue was created by sculptor Robert Summers of Loveland, Colorado. It features a smiling Andy Taylor wearing his signature sheriff outfit with a badge and hat.

The statue also includes an inscription that reads: “Don Knotts, July 21, 1924 – February 24, 2006 – ‘He touched our hearts and made us laugh.'” This inscription pays tribute to the beloved actor who inspired generations of comedians and actors with his unique style of physical comedy. The statue stands as a reminder of the joy he brought to viewers throughout his career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Did The Statue Cost?

A statue is like a snapshot of history, capturing a moment in time and preserving it for eternity. It’s no surprise, then, that the Don Knotts Statue cost quite a bit. In order to understand the value of this particular piece, let’s explore the following:

  • The materials used
  • The artisan behind the work
  • The labor involved
  • The sentimentality associated with it

The Don Knotts Statue was crafted out of bronze and stainless steel. This combination provides superior durability while still being aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, its creation was overseen by a highly experienced artist who brought all of their skills to bear on this project. They worked diligently to ensure every detail matched the actor’s likeness, from his famously mischievous grin down to his iconic eyeglasses.

Beyond the materials and artistry required for such a project, there is also an emotional investment made by those who commissioned it. This sculpture celebrates not only Don Knotts’ life but also his place in television history as one of America’s most beloved comedic actors. As such, this artistic masterpiece carries an intrinsic value that can’t be measured in dollars alone.

Whether you view it as an expensive tribute or priceless piece of art, there’s no denying that the Don Knotts Statue has become an integral part of Morgantown’s culture and history. Its impact on both residents and visitors alike will certainly be felt long after its unveiling – even if we never know exactly how much it cost!

Who Designed The Statue?

The creation of a statue is no small feat. It requires an expert sculptor with a deep understanding of the subject and the ability to capture the essence of that individual in three dimensions. When it comes to the Don Knotts statue, one sculptor stands out from the rest – Brian Hanlon.

Hanlon has been crafting statues since the early 2000s, and his work can be seen on many public sculptures around the world. He is renowned for his attention to detail and his ability to capture subtle features that make up each person’s unique identity. In addition, Hanlon has a talent for creating incredibly lifelike pieces that look as if they could move.

When it came time to create a piece honoring Don Knotts, it seemed only natural that Hanlon would be chosen as the sculptor:

  • His skill in crafting lifelike figures
  • His talent for capturing subtleties and details
  • His experience with public monuments
  • His passion for artistic expression
  • His eye for composition and design
  • His familiarity with contemporary art styles

The result of this collaboration was a bronze sculpture of Don Knotts located in Morgantown, West Virginia – hometown of Knotts. The statue stands seven feet tall and captures every nuance from its subject’s face down to his hands resting on his hips. It’s an incredible tribute to one of America’s most beloved comedians, as well as a testament to Brian Hanlon’s masterful craftsmanship.

When Was The Statue Unveiled?

The unveiling of a statue can be a momentous occasion, an event that will remain in the memories of many for years to come. Don Knotts’ statue is no exception. The beloved actor and comedian was honored with the unveiling of his likeness in September 2016, in Morgantown, West Virginia.

The unveiling was attended by family members and friends, as well as admirers of Knotts’ work. It was a fitting tribute to a man who had brought smiles and laughter to so many over the years with his unique brand of humor. The sculpture was created by artist Joe Loccisano using bronze, a material which captures every detail and nuance of the figure it represents.

It’s clear that Don Knotts’ legacy lives on through this sculptural tribute, providing those who knew him or enjoyed his work with a lasting reminder of his life and career. His memory will forever be preserved through the statue which stands tall in Morgantown, West Virginia – a celebration of his life and talent.

What Other Projects Have Been Dedicated To Don Knotts?

In addition to the unveiling of the Don Knotts statue, there have been other projects dedicated to the beloved actor. These projects have ranged from lifelong tributes to short-term celebrations. One example is a life-sized bronze bust of Don Knotts that was commissioned by his family and donated to West Virginia University in 2014. The bust is located outside of WVU’s Creative Arts Center and stands as a permanent reminder of Knotts’ contributions to entertainment and comedy. Another project was a screening of Knotts’ film ‘The Ghost and Mr. Chicken’ in Morgantown, West Virginia in 2016. This event was organized by local businesses with the intent of honoring Knotts and his legacy for an entire generation. There have also been other events such as a ‘Don Knotts Day’, which took place on July 9th in 2018, and the naming of a street in Morgantown after him in 2019. These various initiatives demonstrate how Don Knotts has been remembered fondly by many even after his death in 2006. His influence on Hollywood comedy has led to numerous commemorations, both big and small, that are sure to last for generations to come.

Are There Any Other Statues Of Don Knotts?

Are there any other statues of Don Knotts? This question is an important one, as it can help us gain a better understanding of the legacy that he has left behind. It’s clear that Knotts was a beloved actor and comedian, but to what extent has his impact been recognized?

To answer this question, we must look at the projects and memorials dedicated to him. There are several tributes and statues honoring Knotts, including one in Morgantown, West Virginia near his alma mater. Additionally, many streets have been named after him throughout the country. Furthermore, in 2015, Knotts was inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a bronze star located on Hollywood Boulevard.

These various forms of recognition demonstrate the great impact that Don Knotts had on our culture. His comedic genius lives on through his beloved characters such as Barney Fife and will be remembered for generations to come. It’s safe to say that Don Knotts’ memory will remain alive for many years to come through these monuments and memorials dedicated to his legacy.


The unveiling of the Don Knotts statue was a day to remember for all his fans. Not only did it honor the legend, but it also showed us how much he was truly loved and respected. The statue is a lasting reminder of how much this man meant to us all.

The cost, design, and dedication of this statue were all symbolic of the impact Don Knotts had on the world. His comedic genius touched the hearts of people everywhere. He brought joy and laughter into our lives, even when we were feeling down.

The Don Knotts statue will forever remain in our memories as a symbol of hope and inspiration. It stands as a testament to his greatness and reminds us that no matter what life throws at us, we can always count on humor to brighten our days.

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