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Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments of the Most Common Foot Injuries from Car Accidents

Foot Injuries's Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments from Car Accidents

From small scrapes and bruises to serious and life-altering injuries, car accidents can result in a variety of conditions. Meanwhile, injuries to the head, neck, and spine garner a lot of focus, injuries to the foot can be just as severe and incapacitating.

The most prevalent foot injuries brought on by vehicular incidents will be covered as you read on, along with their causes, indications, and treatments.

Anatomy of the Foot

Prior to talking about foot ailments, it’s critical to comprehend how the foot is made up. Your feet are intricate and productive body components. Over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as 26 bones and 30 joints, are present. Furthermore, there are three primary ligaments in the foot, which link your bones and maintain the arch of your foot.

The forefoot, midfoot, and hindfoot are the three primary components of the foot. The toes are located on the forefoot, the arch is on the midfoot, and the heel and ankle are on the hindfoot.

Common Foot Injuries from Car Accidents

Among the most upsetting injuries are those to the feet. This is due to the fact that the majority of everyday activities, such as walking, standing, rising, and more, require healthy, strong feet, toes, and ankles. Surgery and subsequent physical treatment are often required for foot injuries. Here are a few of the most prevalent foot injuries brought on by car accidents.

Heel Bone Fractures (Calcaneus)

The heel bone may be broken, crushed, or fractured due to the intense impact force in a car crash. Heel bone fractures, sometimes referred to as calcaneus injuries, can severely impair one’s ability to walk. In most cases, surgery is required to connect the bones altogether. After surgery, you most likely won’t be able to walk for a while. Inadequate care for heel bone fractures can lead to persistent discomfort, arthritis, and irreversible deformity.

Compartment Syndrome

Your foot may sustain serious stress that results in compartment syndrome injuries. Numerous tiny compartments of tendons, muscles, and nerves make up the anatomy of your foot. A crushed, punctured, fractured, or shattered foot compartment results in stress and bleeding.

As a consequence, your foot swells as the nerves and muscles are compressed. Car accident compartment syndrome injuries are excruciatingly painful. Your foot won’t recover and operate correctly if you disregard it.

Lisfranc and Midfoot Injuries

Any injury to the center of your foot that goes untreated can result in arthritis, chronic pain, and decreased mobility. It may take ten weeks or more for this injury, also referred to as a Lisfranc fracture, to recover entirely. Most likely, your doctor may advise you to avoid standing while you heal. If you want to heal fractured or dislocated foot bones, surgery may be required.

Other Acute Foot Injuries

A car accident’s force and impact can result in a variety of acute foot injuries. Loose items that can hit, pierce, or crush the toes, midfoot, or heel might put feet in danger. Acute injuries caused by this include:

  • Sprained joints and muscles
  • Puncture wounds
  • Significant swelling and bruising
  • Ligament tears
  • Ruptured tendons
  • Shattered, dislocated, crushed, or broken bones

Auto Accident Foot Injuries May Cause Subsequent Complications

Foot injuries may result in subsequent consequences like an infection. Arthritis can be brought on by fractures and shattered foot bones. To improve your motion and balance, you may occasionally require further procedures. It is simple to see how foot injuries may be uncomfortable and interfere with your daily routine.

Symptoms of Foot Injuries from Car Accidents

A number of factors, including the kind and extent of the damage, foot injuries from auto accidents can present with a variety of symptoms. Pain, bruising, swelling, trouble walking, and deformity are typical symptoms.

Treatment Options for Foot Injuries from Car Accidents

The sort and severity of a foot injury that ensued from an automobile accident will determine the best course of treatment.

  • Immobilization

The initial step in healing foot injuries tends to be immobilization. To prevent motion and preserve the injured region, you can use a cast, brace, or special shoe.

  • Physical Therapy

Physical treatment might be useful in regaining the damaged foot’s strength and movement. It is possible to suggest stretches and exercises to aid in the foot’s healthy recovery.

  • Surgery

Surgery could occasionally be required to fix a foot injury. Usually, more serious injuries like complex fractures or dislocations undergo this treatment.

Hire A Foot Injury Lawyer From Desai Law

Car accidents can cause significant and incapacitating foot injuries. It’s crucial to get medical help if you have any foot injury indications after an automobile accident. The majority of foot injuries may be adequately treated and fully recovered with the right diagnosis and care.

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