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7 Common Broken Bones & Fractures From Car Accidents

Common Broken Bones & Fractures From Car Accidents

Bone fractures are among the most frequent injuries people sustain in automobile accidents, which are one of the primary forms of injuries. Broken bones and fractures can range in severity, and the kind of bone involved and where it occurred can both have a significant impact on how quickly they mend. As you read on, we’ll talk about the most typical fractures and broken bones sustained in auto accidents, along with their signs, causes, care, and rehabilitation.

What Are Bone Fractures?

A broken bone is referred to medically as a bone fracture.

Traumas like falls, auto accidents, or sports-related injuries frequently result in fractures. However, certain ailments and repeated motions (like running) might raise your chance of developing a certain kind of fracture.

You could require surgery to fix a broken bone. Some individuals’ bones can recover with just a splint, cast, brace, or sling. Depending on which of your bones are broken, where the break occurred, and what triggered it, it will take you a certain amount of time to fully heal.

What Distinguishes a Fracture from a Broken Bone?

Any crack in the bony structure is referred to as a fracture. Although you might have believed that a fracture and a break were two distinct things, they are actually exactly the same thing. It’s an unusual assumption.

7 Common Types of Fractures From Car Accidents

You have many worries and unknowns when you discover that you have broken bones following an automobile crash. You do, however, know that it was a serious accident. These are the fractured bones that are most frequently incurred in auto accidents:

1. Collarbone

The most delicate bone in the human body, it spans the apex of the rib cage. The thinness and low density cause it to crack easily in car accidents.

2. Spinal vertebrae of the back or neck

These shatter in head-on or rear-end collisions when your seatbelt or airbags strike your body with enough force. The most dangerous fractures are those to the vertebrae, which in the worst circumstances can be deadly.

3. Pelvic bone

This may arise in a serious accident but is more probable to occur in motorbike collisions. The most frequently fractured bones after auto accidents are likely to be pelvic bone fractures.

4. Facial bones

Damaged noses, jaws, cheekbones, and orbital bones (close to eyes) can be grouped as facial bones, and are typically the result of airbag strikes or collisions with the dashboard or steering wheel. Following a collision, these bones are vulnerable to breaking.

5. Your breastbone and ribs

These occupy a large portion of your midsection. Your heart, lungs, and a portion of your gut are safeguarded by these strong bones against blows like the might of a vehicle crash. The most common way for these bones to break is when you suddenly lean forward against your seat belt.

6. Cranial (skull)

Because there may occasionally be trauma to the brain, cranial fractures require prompt treatment. When an individual knocks their head on the dashboard, a window, or the steering wheel, this happens. This may not always be readily seen because there may be no outward signs of injury. The patient will start to show signs of a stroke and require medical attention.

7. Fibula (lower leg), and Femur (upper leg)

Leg fractures are unexpectedly prevalent. Although they are typically sturdy bones, they are susceptible to breaking when a car crashes abruptly into a person’s leg.

Avoiding Fractures and Broken Bones in Car Accidents

There are procedures that may be taken to lower the risk of fractures and broken bones even if it may not be feasible to totally prevent auto accidents. These actions comprise:

  • Putting on seat belts along with employing suitable child safety seats
  • Driving defensively and in accordance with the roadway regulations
  • Avoiding distractions while driving, including texting or using a phone
  • Staying away from drugs or alcohol when driving

Hire A Broken or Fractured Bone Injury Lawyer From Desai Law

Broken bones and fractures are only a few kinds of injuries that can result from auto accidents. Coming from an auto accident and fearing that you may have bone fractures, you ought to get medical care right away. Given the extent of the damage, many treatment options are indeed available, and your recovery may take time. The chance of bone fractures and other injuries can be decreased by taking precautions to avoid auto accidents and by adopting safe driving practices.

For a free consultation with a car accident lawyer in Morgantown, reach out to Desai Law over the phone at (304) 974-1974, or via our online form. We can go through your case, figure out your legal alternatives, hold the responsible party accountable, and assist you in moving on with your life.

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